Patient Testimonials

We are proud to share some of the notes we receive from our patients:

1/13/12 - I, Rabaeva Mazaltu, a citizen of the USA since 2006, is being treated by doctor Alexandre Karatchounov. Over the years the doctor proved to be a considerate, professional, knowledgeable surgeon. His sensitivity, patience, kindness, invaluable knowledge prolong lives of patients. I thank Dr. Alexandre Karatchounov for successful treatment, which saves me from pain and brings me back to normal life. I also want to thank all the medical office staff. With respect and gratitude, your patient, Rabaeva Mazaltu.

4/21/11 - This is my first visit to a Brooklyn medical office, where the whole environment makes you get better, creates the proper phychological mood. The owner spared no expense and put his soul to create this environment. The staff is attentive and cordial, starting from receiption. Please keep up this warm atmosphere! Sincerely, Naum Borovik

5/6/11 - I want to express my gratitude to Doctor Karat, Irina, Oleg, Leyla for their service, attention, warmth and compassion - especially Oleg and Irina! Thank you very much for your caring! Special thanks to Doctor Karatchounov! Best regards, Valentina Mayorova

Yes! We have a "Russian" corner where not only we can get heathier, but also get cheered up by smart and witty staff. I am glad, I am glad, I'm in clinic named "Karat". - Alexander Sudakov

5/4/11 - Irina (has) been doing physical therapy on my left leg for two weeks now. My leg feels the best it has in over 5 years. To the Doctor and his staff reversed the clock and made me younger! I am very grateful and all over recommend them to all my friends. A unique place and people. - Signed